Thursday, 11 November 2010

Two Recent Titles from Grove books

Church Schools in a Multi-faith Community - Birmingham Diocesan Schools' Support Officer, Peter French, ponders the theological questions and considers three examples from Bloxham, Sparkhill and Saltley, in the city. It illustrates well how different circumstances evoke different and yet equally appropriate and fruitful models. ISSN 2041 0964 in Grove's Education Series
Friendship and Exchange with People of Other Faiths - Celia Blackden suggests'friendship and exchange' as an alternative model for inter faith relations to that of 'presence and engagement'. This new title in Grove's evangelical series is perhaps considering a context for witness and dialogue at a more personal level. There are a number of interesting cross references including to Inderjit Bhogal, Richard Sudworth, Kenneth Cracknell and Ciara Lubich. ISSN 1367 0840

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