Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Presence and Engagement titles from Grove Books

Grove books recently issued the following list of titles issued in recent years which are relevant to those in  multi fatih contexts or thinking through some of the issues and opportunities that arise in such contexts.

All titles are £3.95, are post free within the UK and can be purchased online or by email

Y14 My Friend Imran: Christian-Muslim Friendship by Andrew Smith
By exploring how having Muslim friends can influence Christians Andrew Smith opens up a discussion which seeks to find biblical resources to inform and shape encounters between Christian and Muslim young people.  ISBN: 9781851747160
P122 Multiethnic Church: A Case Study of an Anglican Diocese by Delbert Sandiford
As church attendance by white people has fallen, attendance by black and minority ethnic groups (BME) has increased, and they now make up 17% of church attendance in England. Alongside the New Testament's vision of ethnic inclusion, this makes the issue of BME representation in the church's structures and leadership impossible to ignore. This study shows how one Anglican diocese addressed the issues, the successes and challenges, and the lessons learnt. ISBN: 9781851747603
eD4 Church Schools in a Multi-faith Community by Peter French
This study considers the theological issues concerning multi-faith schools and then looks at the example of three schools in contrasting situations, drawing out conclusions from examples of good practice.
ISBN: 9781851747634
P85 The Churches and 'Race': A Pastoral Approach by David Haslam
The issue of racism is as much an issue for the churches as for society. Drawing on his long involvement in discussions about racism, the author engages with some of the key questions involved and sets out the scale of the challenge to the churches. ISBN: 1851744584
P48 Better Will Come: A Pastoral Response to Institutional Racism in British Churches by Maurice Hobbs
ISBN: 1851741992
B47 The Bible Through Muslim Eyes—and a Christian Response by Colin Chapman
This fascinating study looks at Muslim expectations concerning scripture, and explains why Christians view the Bible differently from how Muslims view the Qur'an. As such it is a powerful aid to opening dialogue.
ISBN: 9781851746811
S99 Learning from How Muslims See Christianity by David Marshall
This intriguing booklet offers us a challenge. Will we dare to 'see ourselves as others see us' and learn from it? Are we prepared to be taught by Muslims how to be better Christians? ISBN: 1851746404
W117 Interfaith Worship and Christian Truth by David Bookless
Are there occasions when Christians should worship with those of other faiths? This booklet looks at the variety of situations where the issue may be raised, from national tragedy, through school assemblies, to local pastoral and evangelistic encounters. ISBN: 1851741828