Monday, 9 June 2014

Are We Reflections of Jesus and Muhammad, or Distortions?

A guest blog from Julian Bond, Director of the Christian Muslim Forum introducing an upcoming event......
Abrar House, Crawford Place, off Edgware Road, Central London, 16 June 2014
Some times people imagine what might happen if great figures from the past met each other. Would they get on, would it be a great creative encounter or a bad idea? Our event on 16 June opens by asking – what might happen if Jesus and Muhammad met? For some this might be a quasi-blasphemous suggestion. But if our ‘founders’ are never going to meet, except on the Last Day perhaps, their followers certainly do.
Scripturally-based inter faith asks – What Would Jesus Do? (see my article Inter Faith for the Cautious) – convinced that in encountering people who are different we are not actually trying to do anything that is new or strange. We hope our opening speakers will grapple with texts and use theologically informed imagination to offer insights old and new, taking us through the questions arising from how Jesus and Muhammad might interact. I hope that alone will be enough to whet your appetite and that you will join us at Abrar House.
If that isn’t enough, we will also be focusing on the big question, are we reflecting or distorting the image of Jesus and Muhammad - good reflections, or poor ones? Are we following a path of engagement and challenges, or maintaining our purity and keeping separate, or do we feel that we have no path to follow in post-Christian, postmodern, secular, multi-religious Britain?
The event is themed into two sections, under ‘Distortions’ we will be looking at tendencies to segregate and isolate, as well as how minorities are treated in society as a whole, and by the security services, in the UK, France, Iraq, Egypt and Syria. Under ‘Reflections’ we will reflect together on harmony, peace and welcoming the stranger. Do ancient prophetic messages tell us how to build an inclusive society and how to relate to those who are different? Members of the London Peace Network (an inter faith coalition) and PEN’s Susanne Mitchell will share their outlooks on taking the radical road to reconciliation.
Join us if you can for a free event, with lunch included. Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch? We’re very pleased to share details of this event as Greater London PEN is one of our partners.
Times and Booking  here